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Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Holy Family Parish
1021 McCarthy Blvd N
Regina, SK S4X 3P9

The role of an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion is to assist the priest in serving communion during the celebration of Mass.  Communion ministers are scheduled to serve communion at a specific mass or service in the church, and do so in a meaningful and efficient manner. They receive training by attending workshops, and through the guidance of Mass Coordinators.  Communion is to be distributed reverently while acknowledging the sanctity of the position of extraordinary minister.

Dear Parishioners of Holy Family Parish:

Our Archdiocese has given us permission to receive Holy Communion under both species.  The Precious Blood can now be administered at mass.  Holy Family Parish is considering offering both the Precious Body and Blood for Holy Communion.  As was the case when the cup was previously offered, it remains optional for those wishing to receive. 

Here is where we need your assistance; in order for the parish to resume offering the cup at Holy Communion we are in need of additional Eucharistic Ministers.  Please consider providing support to this ministry and if you are interested you can contact the Parish Office to volunteer or ask any questions you may have.  

Also, please note that wearing face masks is now optional for Eucharistic Ministers.